Junior Program

These students (7-12 years old) also have unlimited energy and little fear. In these classes, students learn to build their confidence in themselves. Students progress at their own pace. They begin sparring at the intermediate level (camo belt) and as they spar, their life skills begin to change. The basic life skills taught to our ATA Tigers are discussed, along with Focus, Dedication, and Self-Control.

The building blocks for our system are cycle themes such as:

  • Goals
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Confidence
  • Courtesy
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Self-Esteem
  • Honesty

Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo


Easch day, I will live by Honoring my Parents and Instructors,

Practicing to the best of my Abilities,

and by having Courtesy and Respect for Everyone I meet.

Black Belt Attributes

  • Black Belt Attitude
  • Memorization
  • Eye Contact
  • Proper Technique
  • Balance
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Rhythm & Presentation
  • Automatic Reflex